The SouthWest Edmonton Seniors Association (SWESA) has grown rapidly as a grassroots organization. In November 2011, there were five men who stepped forward to form a committee to respond to the need for seniors programs and now there is a volunteer non profit board that has successfully obtained grants, hired staff, leased space and is running programs.


  • April 2018: Annual General Meeting. A full slate of 12 Board of Directors was approved.
  • May 2018: Volunteer Appreciation Tea
  • June 2018: First Annual Signature Event – Spring Fling – Under the Tuscan Sun. Almost 250 guests participated in a fun filled evening with food, wine, and entertainment including a tenor opera performance and dance music. A silent auction with almost 150 items added to the excitement. A special thank you to the sponsors of this event.


  • April 2017: Annual General Meeting. A full slate of 12 Board of Directors was approved.
  • May 2017: Volunteer Appreciation Tea
  • July 2017: SWESA volunteers at Taste of Edmonton event as part of fundraising
  • August 2017: Board of Directors Strategy Development Session
  • September 2017: Charitable Status Project Report to Board
  • November 2017: Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session


  • Mar 2016: Second quarterly review of Board Business Plan.
  • Apr 2016: Annual General Meeting


  • Jan 2015:  Membership fee of $30 implemented. SWESA’s two year Business/Action plan commences.  Corporate discount of up to 20% secured for SWESA members at Edmonton recreation centres. Second Emerging Seniors Centre Grant Funding received.
  • Apr 2015: Third Annual General Meeting. Volunteer Appreciation Event. Memorandum of Agreement for use of space for SWESA’s Seniors Lounge at Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre signed. SWESA applied on SWAC (Southwest Area Council) grant for $2000.00 to support outdoor Pickleball activities.  Terms of Reference for a Pickleball Club under SWESA were approved.
  • June 2015: Several board members attended a fundraising workshop.  Second year of Home Supports Pilot whereby SWESA, Lifestyle Helping Hands Seniors Association and the City of Edmonton are partnering to develop this resource for seniors who need house and yard maintenance support. SWESA approved representation on the Primary Care Network Edmonton Southside Community Council. Terms of Reference for Committees on Fundraising and on Finance approved.
  • Aug 2015: First quarterly review of Board Business Plan.  Terms of Reference for a Communication and Marketing Committee approved.
  • Sept 2015: Terms of Reference for Committees on Volunteers and on Membership approved. Case for Support document approved to support fundraising. Terms of Reference for Human Resources Committee approved.
  • Nov 2015: SWESA’s casino eligibility application approved. The SWESA Board discontinued its relationship with the Pickleball Club, enabling the Edmonton Pickleball Club to form it’s own non profit association, fund raise and enter a capital planning phase.


  • Jan 2014: Board report on visits to other Seniors Centres in Edmonton
  • Feb 2014: First edition of SWESA NEWS produced. First of ongoing SWESA luncheons was held.
  • March 2014: Needs Assessment Report received by Board, shared with stakeholders and members. Decision to implement a $30 per annum membership fee in 2015.  Roles and Responsibilities statement developed for Board.
  • April 2014: Second AGM held Apr 2nd. SWESA formally accepts second Emerging Seniors Centre Grant of $100,000 from City of Edmonton. Executive Committee Appointments made for 2014; first Program Coordinator hired
  • Aug 2014: Part time bookkeeper contracted; SAGE Program implemented for accounting; 3 additional board members appointed
  • Sept 2014: First program guide (Fall) published for membership; SWESA pamphlet produced.
  • Nov 2014: SWESA Board Business/Action Plan for 2015-2016 confirmed. First Volunteer Celebration event held; sponsored through City of Edmonton grant.
  • Nov 2014: Councillor Knack, Seniors Portfolio discussed city and seniors issues with membership
  • Dec 2014: Second Emerging Seniors Centre Grant confirmed.  Program Coordinator resigns to return to school; posting out for new Program Coordinator.  Winter Program guide published; Christmas PotLuck event


  • Mar 2013: SWESA logo confirmed. Decision that there be no membership fees for 2013.
  • May 2013: SWESA becomes a member of the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council.
  • Aug 2013: Vision confirmed “Seniors in southwest Edmonton enjoy an enhanced quality of life.”
  • In the fall of 2013, SWESA contracted Banister Research to conduct a comprehensive Needs Assessment to explore the interests and needs of  southwest Edmonton seniors for social and recreational programs and the most effective way for SWESA to meet those needs.
  • Dec 2013: First bus tour for members – Christmas lights


  • Feb 2012:  Steering Committee meeting with community – approved Terms of Reference for Steering Committee.
  • Mar 2012: Name approved by Steering Committee – SouthWest Edmonton Seniors Association (SWESA).
  • Web site www.swedmontonseniors.ca and e-mail address swedmontonseniors@gmail.com set up.
  • Apr 2012: Application for City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Engagement Strategy (NES) grant submitted for Fair.
  • May 2012: Steering Committee meeting with community – bylaws revised by public input.
  • June 2012: NES grant approved for maximum $2500; application for Canada New Horizons grant.
  • June 2012: SWESA approved as official AB Society; bylaws & articles approved June 29, 2012 (2nd revision).
  • Aug 2012: Formally recognized SWESA Board & Directors.
  • Sept 2012: SWESA Seniors Fair (400 participants, 38 Displays, 3 levels of government represented).
  • Oct 2012: Expansion of SWESA Board approved; 3 members nominated as potential additions.
  • Nov 2012: Community meeting. Steering Committee transfer to SWESA Board; Committee disbanded; ratification of new SWESA Board members


  • Nov 2011: Community Organization meeting (TRAC & City of Edmonton coordinated).  Primary region defined for SW seniors area, 5 Directors elected to Steering Committee


  • 2010 – 2001: City of Edmonton completes Seniors study in SW Edmonton and reports that substantive programs and services must be added in SW Edmonton for Seniors.