One of the major sources of funding for SWESA is grant funding. SWESA is very pleased to have the grant support of the following agencies:

City of Edmonton – Emerging Seniors Centre Grant

SWESA received funding in 2015 and 2016 to establish Edmonton’s newest seniors centre. The grant is being used to lease space, hire a Program Coordinator,  develop a wide range of programs and develop the capacity to operate a seniors centre.  The grant was established to provide seed funding for the development of new district seniors centres in Edmonton.

Signarama Edmonton – Signs of Support Grant

SWESA received 50% of the cost of two retractable banner signs in 2016.  The grant is being used to purchase two signs that will be used to raise awareness about SWESA at community events.  The grant was established to help non-profit and charitable organizations replace or create affordable signage to help achieve their mission.