Live Active Expo

SWESA (SouthWest Edmonton Seniors Association) held its very first Health Fair.

THE SWESA LIVE ACTIVE EXPO – Promoting Health & Wellness

Here is a link to a page from the Terwillegar Tribune that featured photos and our sponsors:

Terwillegar Tribune, 2019-06,red_Part16


Live Active Health Expo - Basic Graphic  SWESA Live Active Health Expo -2019 Poster, 2019-04-20

SWESA Live Active Health Expo -2019 Poster, May Final,red

or click here for larger pdf file: SWESA Live Active Health Expo -2019 Poster, May Final,red

What is Live Active? It is a collaborative strategy for active living, active recreation and sport in Edmonton. This is currently being implemented throughout our City. The ultimate goal of Live Active is to keep our bodies moving, our minds healthy and our spirits alive.

The SWESA Live Active EXPO has 5 themes to introduce you to. They are as follows:

  • Motion is Lotion

  • Fuel Your Machine

  • Mend Your Mind

  • Partners in Health

  • Grow Your Future

    Our planning committee is working hard to present guests with an amazing experience at our inaugural Health Expo.  The event is free!

  • 11:00 a.m. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Billy Strean – Joy is the Key to Live Active
  •  We have various musical groups and singers to entertain, lots of free food and drink at our SWESA Cafe, break out sessions (learn Tai Chi, stretching and Square dancing) and over 40 vendors.  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR FAMILY YOUR NEIGHBOURS.  It’s all about Living Active (Physically, Mentally and Socially)

SWESA Live Active Health Expo -2019 Poster, 2019-04-20

Any profits made from this event will be given to SWESA for future LIVE ACTIVE events and programming.

To view our Sponsorship Package click here: SWESA Live Active Sponsorship Package