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Out in the Field features articles submitted by SWESA member writers. The topics are diverse but the theme is enjoying life over 55 in southwest Edmonton.  If you’re interested in becoming a SWESA member writer, please let us know.


Buying a new car – by Brent Skinner

Buying a new car! This is a chore that needs to be undertaken every decade
or so. It can be quite exciting, but also involves a big investment in time
and money.
The first step is coming to the decision that your existing vehicle needs to
be replaced. Men are emotionally bonded to 3 inanimate objects – their golf
clubs, their wallets ( not the contents of the wallet but the actual leather
wallet ) and their existing car or truck. Dings, dents, rips and bends add
an endearing quality to these objects of joy and reverence and only such
dire events as engine conk-outs and the prospect of expensive repairs ( as
in the case of a vehicle ), a really bad round of golf ( where you were
humiliated by your 12 year old nephew ) or threat of divorce ( as in the
case of a dilapidated wallet ) will force the typical man to  overcome the
lump in his throat and consider a replacement product.

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