Seniors Home Supports Program

Seniors Home Supports Program expands scope!

The Seniors Home Supports Program district agencies agreed to broaden the scope of the program in response to the number of calls received from seniors requesting referrals outside of the four original categories of services (snow removal, yard help, minor home repair and housekeeping) identified in the pilot phase of the initiative.


The new scope of the Seniors Home Supports Program is:  


   Snow Removal: remove snow and put down anti-slip material to cover icy spots

Yard Help: mow lawn and do spring/fall clean-up, including tree removal, trimming, etc. and gate, sidewalk and concrete repair

Housekeeping: vacuum, wash floors, clean bathrooms, do laundry, dust, clean fridge

Home Repair and Maintenance: includes minor repair, electrical, plumbing, painting, furnace, appliance repair, handyman, roofing/eavestrough, deck & railing repairs, window cleaning

Personal Services: includes hair care, foot care, medi-alert, home and respite care (personal care, homemaking, nursing care, companionship, accompanied transportation)

Moving Help: organizing, junk removal, downsizing

In addition to the call for an expanded scope, meeting the needs of low-income seniors who cannot afford to pay even the lowest rates for services has also been identified as an area of focus. A pilot subsidy program is being developed to help seniors pay for snow removal in the fall of 2018 and the winter of 2019. Assessment criteria, subsidy amount limits, application processes and allocation methods for the program will be developed.

For more information contact our Seniors Home Support Program coordinator  Barbara Newell at 780-860-2931 or   South West Edmonton Seniors Association (

 Referral Process

  • When you call your seniors home support coordinator, you will be asked questions to determine the best referrals to suit your needs.
  • Each district maintains a list of service providers who have been screened and vetted. When you request services, you will be given a minimum of three referrals.
  • The home support coordinator, who provided the referrals, will follow up to check if you contacted or used one of the providers.
  • All districts collaborate these service in order to evaluate if their programs are meeting the needs of seniors or if improvements could be made to help seniors remain in their homes/communities longer.

Please feel free to email me to receive referrals for service providers. 

If you have an interest in working with seniors, please see the document here for more information. SHSP_info_for_serviceproviders

If you’d like to share your experience and have a good story to share, even better!

barbara newell

Barbara Newell                    

Seniors Home Support Coordinator
10710 – 19 Avenue 


Seniors Home Supports Quick Facts: Seniors Home Supports Program Fact Sheet